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I have been lucky enough to work as a professional voiceover artist and voiceover director for over 15 years in Hong Kong. As a director I have directed the English dubs of many fantastic movies, television shows and Japanese anime. As a voice actor, my voice has been heard all over the SEA region in everything from anime, smooth chocolate commercials, and even as the voice of Lexus and Audi.

My proudest achievement as a voiceover artist has been being the Channel voice for the National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, and also Fox Movies in the SEA for over a decade.

My proudest moment as a voiceover director is working with the amazing Donnie Yen on his fantastic 2017 film "Chasing the Dragon" - where I helped with the ADR of the English speaking characters. 

Voiceover Work



Kung Fu Quest Season I-IV | Series Narrator

Biodiversity in Hong Kong | Series Narrator

China Hour

Chinese Handicrafts | Series Narrator

Tea: The Story of a Leaf | Series Narrator

Porcelain | Series Narrator

The Silk Road | Series Narrator

Mega Projects | Series Narrator

Dubbing (Animax - SEA)

in 2003, I had the good fortune to join a team of voice actors as a dubbing artist. Our boss, Ric Thomas, had just scored the a contract to dub the Animax anime library. Talk about luck! I spent the next few years dubbing anime six days a week from 10 - 6 every day. We lived, breathed and drank anime - and we loved every minute of it.  Below is a partial list of the titles I performed in.

Captain Herlock - Captain Herlock

Detective Conan - Detective Mori

Doraemon - Nobisuke

Dr. Black Jack 1 and 2 - Dr. Black Jack

Dr. Dokkiri - Dr. Dokkiri

Dragonball - Tenshinhan, 

Fate Stay Night - Archer

Galaxy Angels - Colonel Volcott

Get Backers - Ban Mido

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex  - Batou

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Second Gig - Batou

Gundam ZZ - Mashemere Cello, Beecha

Inuyasha - Seshomaru, Miyoga, Naraku

Ranma 1/2 - Soun Tendo

The Count of Monte Cristo - The Count

xxxHolic - Domeki

Yuyu Hakusho - Kuwabara

and others....

Satisfied TV and Radio clients include:

AIA, American Express, Audi HK, Asahi Beer, Bluebell, CLP Power, Disney, DBS, Hong Kong Broadband, Manulife, Lexus, PCCW, Samsung, The Hong Kong SAR Government, The Hong Kong Tourism Board, CNN, WarnerMedia and many more

Voiceover / Dubbing Directing

Feature Films 

Animal World

Counter Attack


Ip Man 4


League of Gods

Million Dollar Croc

Out of Inferno

Peninsula: Train to Busan 2

Revenge Girl


Shockwave 2

The Bad Guys Reign of Chaos

The Bravest

The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang

The Rookies

The Swordsman

TV series

A Good Wife

A New World

Female Prime Minister (59 episodes)

Hey Daddy

Mark of Beauty (continuing)

The Great Qin Empire II: Alliance (51 episodes)

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (72 episodes)

We are Family

Anime and Cartoons

After-school Midnighters (Feature Film)


Combat Q

Crayon Shin Chan

Darkness Boy


Dragon Force

Earth Granner (52 episodes)

Happy Friends

Kung Food - 

Time Bokan 24 (25 episodes)


Zoids WIld (52 Episodes)

Zoids Wild Zero (52 episodes)

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