• Russell Wait

We begin with an end ...

2020 is going to be a fabulous year, and it began with the successful completion of a fantastic documentary series. I worked with a fabulous crew and enjoyed my time working with Kate Hawkins as narrator, and look forward to the next time that opportunity brings us together.

An end always brings new beginnings, and so, this week I started narrating Season 4 of "Kung Fu Quest" over at RTHK. It is always fun to work over there and to take a turn as talent. I had heard that one of my friends, Evan Tai, was hosting the show and I was happy to see him right away in episode one; though I only got to see the bits that had voiceover in them. Well, here's hoping that I'll get to see the finished show when it airs.

This weekend I am looking forward to having a little down-time.

All the best.

From Left: Angel Wong, Boris Li, Kate Hawkins, Russell Wait


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